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Teams and top performance is what drives me, composing teams that deliver, my mission.

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Geertje Dam - My Mission


Giving Insight in People, Talent, Teams and High Performance!


Everybody has an opinion about People, Talent, Teams and Performance. Getting these opinions backed up or debunked by science and data, is my passion. Analyzing and working with the extremes in people intrigues me, the ‘Stars’ and the ‘Toxic’, Success and Failure. Composing High Performing Teams, predicting failure and success and getting insight in the ‘why’ and root cause of business issues related to People, Talent, Teams or Performance my (data driven) focus.


People & Analytics developed The Corporate Identity Model, a framework giving insights in how personality affects business outcomes.


Our services

What can we do for you


Do you want support in how to select the best Candidate? Do you have questions about how to identify the Talent or Potential of your employees?


Make evidence-based decisions and let People & Analytics assess the Capacities and Personality of your People, Teams and Candidates.


Training & Development

Develop your Workforce, Talents and Teams to perform on a higher level. Our expertise:



Training by People & Analytics is always focused on how to perform on a higher level, maximize outcomes and becoming the best professional you can to be. Our instructors are provocative though approachable and always stretching the capabilities and possibilities of the team, talents and organization.



When are your Teams and Talents the most effective? Let People & Analytics support you in making your decisions more  ‘evidence based’. For successful change you need a realistic picture of what is possible. Is it is out of their reach, do you need to lead them in another way, make adjustments in the team composition or in expectations to reach the goal? Leading based on the right data and analytics might seem complex. People & Analytics guides your company and starts simple, making evidence based decisions and outcome focused teams possible. Any business issue on Strategic, Tactical or Operational level is part of our conversation. People & Analytics developed the Corporate Identity Model © as a consultancy framework for understanding how people affect business outcomes.

now follow our masterclass:


What are you waiting for?



In only 2 hours Personality and Capability Insight of your Candidates and/or Employees, predicting future risks and strengths. Give your Candidates and Employees a tailored experience. Quick, Personal and Clear!

  • Online testing of Personality (Big Five/OCEAN)

  • (Online) testing of IQ: Verbal intelligence, Numeric intelligence, Logical intelligence, and Spatial intelligence

  • a  1 hour (online) Interview

  • Short Summary, 2 reports and 1 advice concerning the related question


Team Scan

Know your teams, what drives them to result, will they deliver the requested outcomes? Get insight in the Performance Baseline of the Team and benchmark the Team with other Teams in your branche. Know exactly what you got or need for future performance.

  • 1 Team Scan per team (with a minimum of  5 and a maximum of 10 team members)

  • Every Team member gets a Personality report

  • Advice and insight in the Performance Baseline of the Team


People & Analytics
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