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Corporate Identity Model

Corporate Identity Model

In this post I present the revised Corporate Identity Model (2008) that gives an overview and provides insight on how personality affects business outcomes. What is your personality and maybe even …. Talent? What is your added value in business and teams?

Business outcomes

Before examining personality you need to know about the most important Business Outcomes that can be measured: 1. Operational Excellence, 2. Innovation & Change, 3. Engagement & Wellbeing, 4. Organic Growth. These outcomes are, most of the time, measured by the Finance department to determine what the status quo is and where the company can improve.

These outcomes are in a constant ‘fight’ for investment and attention and initially seem to be paradoxical, competing values.

How do you measure these outcomes, is there a baseline? How would you rank the importance of these Outcomes in your company? Is it the same as your coworkers, leaders and company would rank it? All interesting questions and data to collect.

Interestingly enough, you can also measure personality and predict if the team/department will be able to deliver and execute the wanted outcomes.


Personality (the Big fives or OCEAN) is a complex combination of the five traits that predict a person’s behavior. Personality is relatively stable over time.

The five personality traits are: Openness (inventive/curious/openminded vs pragmatic/cautious/conservative), Conscientiousness (efficient/organized/methodical vs easy-going/careless/improvising), Extraversion (outgoing/energetic/leading vs reserved/solitary/reflecting), Agreeableness (friendly/compassionate/group norms vs challenging/skeptic/personal norms), Neuroticism (sensitive/nervous vs calm/secure).

The complex combination of these five in a person is the base of a lot of scientific research which can be used to predict future events and used as a baseline.

Curious when personality becomes more dark and toxicity creeps in, like venom? Watch my next post where I will present the Corporate Identity Model (- the dark side-) !
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